Here’s Why Retargeting is The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

ad retargeting

Are you aware of how many people visit your website but don’t email you, call or even fill out your contact form? And what about those who are THIS CLOSE to make a purchase… but end up abandoning their cart instead. 

There are a myriad of reasons why people land on your website, but don’t take action. And most of the time this isn’t even your fault! Maybe they’re too busy to get in touch right away, maybe their phone rang right before they got to make that purchase or maybe they planned to revisit your website later, but forgot about it. 

Whatever the case, there’s a way you can reach out to these people and “convince” them to convert. 

What is retargeting? 

Have you ever noticed how the exact product you searched for yesterday is showing up today in on your Facebook feed? 

This is called retargeting and it’s such a powerful way to market your business, it may just be the greatest thing since sliced bread! 

How does retargeting work? 

Let’s say several people visit your website, they take a look around and then leave. But now that you know what retargeting is, you know there’s a way to “go after” these warm leads!

The first step to knowing who was interested in your business is to “tag” them with a “cookie”. You can easily do that by installing a tracking code, known as the Facebook Pixel. 

The Pixel is nothing more than a piece of code you copy and paste onto your website. It tracks visitors who visit your homepage and tracks the specific pages they look at. The Pixel then makes the connection with Facebook users, so that you can create efficient advertising campaigns and start showing your ads to people who are already interested in your business. 

What are the benefits of retargeting? 

There are many advantages that come with using retargeting as part of you marketing strategy. 

First of all, retargeting is a great way to stand in front of your leads and build some recognition! Keeping your prospects engaged by simply not allowing them to forget about your brand is a great way to build awareness around your products or services and at the same time, build trust around your brand.

Second… chance to make a good impression. Your leads may have their reasons to leave your website before they convert, but if your ad pops up and you manage to make a good impression, you just got a second chance to close that sale! 

Another great reason to consider retargeting as a strategy for your business is the possibility to sell complementary products to your clients or encourage them to purchase upgrades. Just because a lead became a client doesn’t mean they have to stop buying from you. On the contrary, they already trust you as a business, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to sell even more? 

There are clearly myriad advantages to retargeting. Contact us today to learn what they are and how you can also benefit from using retargeting to close more sales for your business.